Packing for Migration: What NOT to do

Totally unrelated picture of Kevin and I in Porto, Portugal.

Kevin and I are moving to Sydney tomorrow, September 3rd.

I have many ideas of what to blog about migrating — applying for a visa (which includes preparing for PTE exam), steps on how to apply for AU immigrant visa, what I felt about applying, why we decided to move (we’re currently situated in Singapore, which is not a bad place at all), etc. But this blog is solely about what not to do when packing for migration based on our experience.

So without further ado:

  1. Do not go on a 2-month vacation before migrating (without starting packing)
  2. Do not pack your things only a week before your flight
  3. Do not try to buy extra prepaid luggage only less than 48 hours before your flight
  4. Do not skimp on boxes — you can never have enough

HAHAHA. We did all of these, and look where we are now — we’re on our last night in Singapore, and we haven’t fully packed! Haha.

Osha, I have to sleep now. We’d have to repack and restrategize our luggage tomorrow morning for our evening flight, before we handover this house.

The next time I blog, I’d probably be in Sydney already!

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