Why Do I Blog?

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog. It’s not that I forgot to; I just don’t know what to write. I’ve been feeling confused.

What can/should I share?

What should the tone of this blog be?

Who is my audience?

Why do I blog?

I honestly created a blog as a substitute for (Bullet) journaling. I type faster than I write. So I thought that by creating a blog, I can document my life/thoughts more often and much faster than traditional writing.

But the interweb is a scary place. I couldn’t be as open and as vulnerable as when I write to my journal. So wag nalang ako magblog noh? HAHAHA. But I like the efficiency and the reach of having my own blog. Imagine pag mamatay na ako and pag mawala yung journal ko, wala nang makakabasa non. Kawawa naman mga future anak at apo ko (HAHAHA feeling ko din talaga eh noh? Feeling ko naman magugustuhan nila alamin ang buhay ko hahaha. Pero malay mo diba?). Whereas having a blog means easier access to my life and thoughts (forever naman na ‘tong blog ko noh, even after a hundred years? SANA! I wish WordPress more power to last more than hundred years more!).

Also, maybe in the future, a complete stranger might stumble upon my blog, and get something from it? I hope. Ako kasi, I like reading personal blogs of others. Chismosa kasi talaga ako. And I learn a lot from others’ life lessons and perspective. So baka mapunta sa ganon din ang blog na ‘to. 🙂

So this post is a reminder that I blog for my future self. For my future children and grandchildren, for family and friends who would want to get a glimpse of my life. It is a reminder that I should not be afraid to blog. This is my space. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a part of my life and thoughts.

Wala pa palang picture ‘tong entry ko, so let me share a picture of me in a tropical blouse against a random wall in Cebu last July.

Temple Tower, Cebu, July 2018