Missing Mondates

I miss Kevin and my’s Mondates!

Before we had our vacation four months ago and left Singapore, Kevin and I always went on a date on Mondays. It was a practice we did for more than a year. I got the idea of setting an intentional, regular, weekly dates from a blog I follow. Actually, the practice was intended for couples with children. The idea was to set aside a time for your spouse where you were alone without the kids.

Kebs and I don’t have kids yet, but we thought we’d also want to set a regular date so that we already have the routine once we have kids. Advance kami mag-isip hahaha.

We picked Monday as our date day so we had something to look forward to the start of the week. We also tend to be less busy on Mondays, which made it easier for us to build the habit of leaving the office on time. There are fewer people in restaurants, movie houses, and date places on Mondays — we usually don’t have to reserve. And most of the time, nobody schedules a meeting with us on Mondays which makes it easier and more convenient for us to maintain the habit.

These dates weren’t fancy. There were no agendas. There is nothing exceptional about our Mondates. We still go out on dates on other days — there is no difference between our Mondates and our random/spontaneous dates. And we still have dinner together every single day. There is nothing extra special except that I feel like it’s our time together.  Our family and friends knew that Monday nights are for the two of us. I feel like it’s ours.

We were not able to maintain it after we left Singapore in July because our routine changed and we had no pattern for three months. We were on vacation mode in July and August and were with family. I think we were able to squeeze in some Mondates; but most of the time, we wanted to maximise our time with our family and friends so we sacrificed our alone time — we thought we’ll just pick up back the habit once we moved here in Sydney and establish a routine again. And to be honest, I lost track of the days — who remembers which day it is when on a long vacation?

But we’ve been here for two months now, and we’ve never had a single Mondate! We have reasons/excuses. It was the first time Kevin and I rented a place on our own, so it felt like we were on a date every day. In addition, we didn’t have a routine yet, so everything was new, everything was exciting — there was no need for Mondays to “have something to look forward to”. Eating out is also expensive here and we were trying to skimp since we didn’t have income for two months (and counting for me at that time). And on top of those, restaurants and cafes close early on Mondays here in Straya! Even if we wanted to go on a date, we didn’t have too many choices (or maybe we didn’t have any choice at all)!

But Mondate was our little tradition, and I miss it.

I hope to create a new date tradition here. And I don’t want it to be on any other day. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are not that dependable — they can be busy. Thursdays and Fridays defeat the purpose of starting the week right; plus, it’s already nearing the weekend — we’d probably be more excited about it than our date night. Only Mondays are perfect hehehe.

Coffee on the balcony on Mondays doesn’t sound bad. Orrrr leaving the office at 430pm and going on a date before the restos and cafes close! PERFECT!

Wala pa palang picture ‘to, so let me share a picture of Kevin and I na walang kinalaman sa blog post na ito, as usual HAHAHA.

Mahogany Forest, Bohol | July 2018

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