Welcome, 2019!

Happy New Yearrrr!!!

How’s the first few days of your 2019? Mine has been eventful.

My gallbladder is gone within the first two weeks of the year. HAHAHA. I cannot really say that I’ll miss it, kasi honestly hindi ko naman naffeel ang work niya inside my tummy (although I do not doubt na naging helpful siya sa buhay ko, while it lasted), but it feels weird that something was permanently taken out from inside of me. I suddenly feel vulnerable. One day I was as healthy as a person can be, the next day, I didn’t have my gallbladder anymore!

I never thought I’d say gallbladder this much.

It all started on the night of January 8, Tuesday, after dinner. We had Spam and steamed carrots and broccoli that night. The first semi-unhealthy meal of the year. We’ve been eating healthier the past few days — eating salmon, chicken, and lots of veggies; but that night, we decided to have some Spam (ilang araw pa lang healthy, namiss agad ang canned goods HAHAHA).

So anyway, just before bedtime that night, I felt a little discomfort around my upper abdomen. It’s not the first time I have felt it these past few weeks. I felt the same pain and discomfort just before the year ended. I always thought it was acid reflux (diagnosing myself based on Google HAHA), so I just took some medicine for it, and waited for the pain to go away as it always does in the past.

But the pain didn’t go away. In fact, it has intensified to a level of pain I have never felt before! The pain was in my upper abdomen and was travelling all the way to the back. There was no position I can do to alleviate the pain. GRABE ANG SAKIT. Sobrang sakit. I even asked Kevin to punch me in the face just so I can momentarily forget the pain in my tummy hahahaha. Pero like matinong nilalang, di naman niya ginawa. What we did was go to the ER at around 2am instead.

In the ER, I was given paracetamol and ibuprofen. The pain was definitely still there, but it has become manageable. It was then that I was told by the doctor that the pain might be caused by gallstones. I was ordered to go home at around 5am and was told to have an upper abdomen ultrasound.

Thursday, Jan 10: I had my ultrasound in the morning, and got the results in the afternoon. I had to bring the results to a GP (General Practitioner) to be read. At this point, I was still feeling a 5/10 pain, and still cannot move freely.

Friday, Jan 11: Kevin and I went to a GP expecting to just get some antibiotics and to schedule a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery) that may never come. However, Dr. Ma sent us back to the ER due to the size of my gallbladder. The walls of my gallbladder were 3x thicker than its usual size (9mm instead of 3mm). It was pretty swollen. I also had a fever and my WBC count was high. She felt I had an infection, so I was referred back to the ER to have a higher dose of antibiotics.

On that same day, we went to the ER. Honestly, what I was expecting was just another blood test and a higher dose of antibiotics through IV. But once the doctors saw me, they admitted me and scheduled me for surgery.

Saturday, Jan 12, 11am: I had my Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

The next day was spent in the hospital, recovering from the surgery. I’m already able to get up on my own, eat solid food, burp, fart, poop (haahahaha parang pang-baby lang ang mga accomplishments ko noh). And I’m also feeling a lot better. Only the pain from my wounds is the source of my discomfort now. It’s a 2/10 pain. It’s definitely nothing compared to the pain I felt last Thursday!

Phew! So that’s my year so far. I hope everything after this only gets better. And I hope you had a better first two weeks than I did!

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