Hello, 2020! :)

There is an ongoing debate whether 2020 is the start of the new decade or the last year of the previous decade. For this blog’s sake, let’s just all think that it’s the former.

HAPPY 2020 EVERYONE! Hello to a new decade!

How’s your new year coming along? Kamusta din ang naging Holiday seasons niyo? Madami akong kwento about it, but I’ll post it in another blog nalang to keep my entries short (at para mabilis lang basahin).

It’s almost the end of January, and yet I don’t feel like my year has started yet. Or it’s not how I want the start of my year/decade be like. Or my year isn’t starting right in the sense that my habits are still the same old habits that don’t work in my favour. Pero di bale, it’s not too late. As they say, January is the trial period of the year nga daw, hahahaha.

This is how I envision myself kasi for this year (and all years to come): I want to stick to a schedule/routine/habit of a daily 30-minute exercise early in the morning (wake up at 6AM for this!), a mostly-pescatarian diet + healthy diet, and daily reading. This type of lifestyle is one of my goals this year.

Do you do goals? Kevin and I like making goals in the beginning of the year. This year, we only have four goals: a healthy lifestyle (exercise + food), start a family, a new home, and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Here’s to achieving all our goals this 2020. Cheers!

End of 2019.


Namiss ko nang magblog, pero wala rin akong kwento talaga. Ayoko pa (or baka ayoko na?) magblog ulit about our US trip kasi parang humupa na? Or baka dahil wala na masyadong ganap sa Las Vegas and Los Angeles where we went next? Not sure. Or baka bumalik din. Pero for now, iba muna.

I’m typing this from the office na naman (sana talaga di nila ‘to makita HAHA) kasi wala na ako masyadong ginagawa. It’s my last working day of the year. The decade. My decade of working!

Tomorrow, we fly out to Manila. Sobrang excited ko na! We’re not too excited sa traffic, pero we’re kind of ready na din. At least sa isip. Out ETA in Manila is 5:30pm. My expectation is we’ll arrive in BGC at 12mn. I hope it’s enough time na na-allot ko for my patience.

Then we’ll attend Kevin’s nephew’s (I’ll withdraw the name muna, baby na baby pa, baka bawal pa sabihin sa mundo ang pangalan) baptismal. Excited na rin ako i-kiss (if pwede) at kagatin yung baby na yon. HMMMM!!!! Kagigil!!! Sobrang cute niya. Sobrang kamukha niya din talaga sina Kevin. Ang lakas ng dugo ata talaga nila. Buti ang pogi din talaga nila, so I’m looking forward sa magiging mukha ng baby namin. Hahahaha.

Tapos sa Monday, we’ll fly to Tacloban na. Our home in Tacloban isn’t finished yet (pina-renovate namin — nasabi ko na ba?), so we can’t sleep there. Nagbook si Dadi ng pension house for us to stay. So it will be a different kind of Christmas, but it’s okay. Excited pa rin ako.

Siguro dapat may ibang word for excited noh? Sobrang abused ko na din ang salitang yon eh. HAHAHA.

We’ll be in Tacloban for Christmas and New Year. Excited na ako sa lahat ng festivities! It will be different — walang Noche Buena sa bahay, walang Christmas lunch sa bahay with the rest of the family, wala si Gail, walang mga batang bibigyan ng candies in the morning, walang Christmas breakfasts (my favourite!) — but it’s still better because we’ll be with Dadi and Mami.

Back in Manila on the 2nd of Jan, then back to Sydney na ulit sa 4th.

Anyway, that’s our schedule for the next two weeks. Na-share ko lang. Hahaha.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year ahead! ❤


HELLO 2020!!!



LASING KA GHORL?! Ang labo mo eh. HAHAHA.

But seriously, my newly bought notebook is what brought me back here.

I have been wanting to buy a new notebook for my Bullet Journal. Just like here, I’ve been MIA in BuJo-ing for so many months (last entry ko sa BuJo ko was April pa — that’s more than half a year na pala!!!) because the paper in my notebook is too smooth — yung favourite Muji pen ko ay nagssmudge! PAKA-ARTE KO. HAHAHA. I tried using other pens, pero nagssmudge talaga nakakainis. That’s why I stopped writing entries na. And that’s why I’ve been in search for the best notebook. (Pwede namang ballpen ang baguhin, notebook pa talaga yung gusto kong palitan noh?! Hayaan mo na. Nabili ko na eh. HAHAHAHA).

So today, just before going home, Kevin and I passed by the bookstore near my office and I got my self a new notebook. (Mas) gaganda na ang buhay namin ni Kevin neto because I really believe that writing our plans, goals, to-do lists makes our lives better (because I also feel better — feeling ko responsible adult ako). And when I’m active BuJo-ing, I also write a lot of short journals in it. Hindi lang plans, goals, at to-do’s. I also write what happens in some days.

Parang ang dami ko nang sinabi, wala pang connect yung bagong notebook ko sa pagbabalik-blog ko today noh? SO ETO NA NGA. I’m so excited to write in my new notebook na. Being the slightly weird person that I am, syempre I opened my old notebook to say sorry (kasi konting pages palang talaga ang nasusulatan ko, aabandunahin ko na siya), and to check pano nga ba maging organised ng slight. Nakalimutan ko na sa sobrang tagal ko walang plano sa buhay (Side thought: siguro kaya di ako pumapayat dahil di na ko nagpplano?! Pero mostly dahil madami din talaga akong kinakain). That’s when I saw some journal entries (AYAN NA, mej nagcconnect na to blogging). When I say journal, hindi ito yung mga dramatic entries or yung mga deep and meaningful entries ha. Katulad siya netong pinagsususulat ko ngayon. Brain fart talaga siya. And nakakatawa! Natatawa ako sa sarili ko (oh diba at least man lang I find myself funny HAHAHA).

Yung pagbasa ko ng old journal entries ko yung nagpabalik-loob sa akin magsulat dito. Because mukhang magssmudge pa rin my favourite Muji pen sa new notebook ko HAHAHA. So baka hindi pa rin best ang nabili kong notebook after all. But I don’t want to miss random thoughts again. Instead of looking for a new notebook (na naman) or a ballpen that won’t smudge, I’ll use my new notebook for practical to-do lists na lang, and just use this blog for my journal entries. Literal na what I write in my BuJo, I’ll write here nalang kasi hindi ito magssmudge for sure. HAHA.

Before, I didn’t know what tone to use when blogging. I don’t know who to write for. Conscious ako who’s reading this. But then I realised na wala namang magbabasa neto HAHAHA Just like how walang magbabasa ng BuJo ko. I don’t know din naman the tone of my BuJo entries, and I don’t know who I’m writing it for as well. But I enjoy re-reading them. 🙂 Kaya ito lang din ang gagawin ko dito!


Until next time. I’ll write about our US trip naman!

Welcome, 2019!

Happy New Yearrrr!!!

How’s the first few days of your 2019? Mine has been eventful.

My gallbladder is gone within the first two weeks of the year. HAHAHA. I cannot really say that I’ll miss it, kasi honestly hindi ko naman naffeel ang work niya inside my tummy (although I do not doubt na naging helpful siya sa buhay ko, while it lasted), but it feels weird that something was permanently taken out from inside of me. I suddenly feel vulnerable. One day I was as healthy as a person can be, the next day, I didn’t have my gallbladder anymore!

I never thought I’d say gallbladder this much.

It all started on the night of January 8, Tuesday, after dinner. We had Spam and steamed carrots and broccoli that night. The first semi-unhealthy meal of the year. We’ve been eating healthier the past few days — eating salmon, chicken, and lots of veggies; but that night, we decided to have some Spam (ilang araw pa lang healthy, namiss agad ang canned goods HAHAHA).

So anyway, just before bedtime that night, I felt a little discomfort around my upper abdomen. It’s not the first time I have felt it these past few weeks. I felt the same pain and discomfort just before the year ended. I always thought it was acid reflux (diagnosing myself based on Google HAHA), so I just took some medicine for it, and waited for the pain to go away as it always does in the past.

But the pain didn’t go away. In fact, it has intensified to a level of pain I have never felt before! The pain was in my upper abdomen and was travelling all the way to the back. There was no position I can do to alleviate the pain. GRABE ANG SAKIT. Sobrang sakit. I even asked Kevin to punch me in the face just so I can momentarily forget the pain in my tummy hahahaha. Pero like matinong nilalang, di naman niya ginawa. What we did was go to the ER at around 2am instead.

In the ER, I was given paracetamol and ibuprofen. The pain was definitely still there, but it has become manageable. It was then that I was told by the doctor that the pain might be caused by gallstones. I was ordered to go home at around 5am and was told to have an upper abdomen ultrasound.

Thursday, Jan 10: I had my ultrasound in the morning, and got the results in the afternoon. I had to bring the results to a GP (General Practitioner) to be read. At this point, I was still feeling a 5/10 pain, and still cannot move freely.

Friday, Jan 11: Kevin and I went to a GP expecting to just get some antibiotics and to schedule a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery) that may never come. However, Dr. Ma sent us back to the ER due to the size of my gallbladder. The walls of my gallbladder were 3x thicker than its usual size (9mm instead of 3mm). It was pretty swollen. I also had a fever and my WBC count was high. She felt I had an infection, so I was referred back to the ER to have a higher dose of antibiotics.

On that same day, we went to the ER. Honestly, what I was expecting was just another blood test and a higher dose of antibiotics through IV. But once the doctors saw me, they admitted me and scheduled me for surgery.

Saturday, Jan 12, 11am: I had my Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

The next day was spent in the hospital, recovering from the surgery. I’m already able to get up on my own, eat solid food, burp, fart, poop (haahahaha parang pang-baby lang ang mga accomplishments ko noh). And I’m also feeling a lot better. Only the pain from my wounds is the source of my discomfort now. It’s a 2/10 pain. It’s definitely nothing compared to the pain I felt last Thursday!

Phew! So that’s my year so far. I hope everything after this only gets better. And I hope you had a better first two weeks than I did!

Missing Mondates

I miss Kevin and my’s Mondates!

Before we had our vacation four months ago and left Singapore, Kevin and I always went on a date on Mondays. It was a practice we did for more than a year. I got the idea of setting an intentional, regular, weekly dates from a blog I follow. Actually, the practice was intended for couples with children. The idea was to set aside a time for your spouse where you were alone without the kids.

Kebs and I don’t have kids yet, but we thought we’d also want to set a regular date so that we already have the routine once we have kids. Advance kami mag-isip hahaha.

We picked Monday as our date day so we had something to look forward to the start of the week. We also tend to be less busy on Mondays, which made it easier for us to build the habit of leaving the office on time. There are fewer people in restaurants, movie houses, and date places on Mondays — we usually don’t have to reserve. And most of the time, nobody schedules a meeting with us on Mondays which makes it easier and more convenient for us to maintain the habit.

These dates weren’t fancy. There were no agendas. There is nothing exceptional about our Mondates. We still go out on dates on other days — there is no difference between our Mondates and our random/spontaneous dates. And we still have dinner together every single day. There is nothing extra special except that I feel like it’s our time together.  Our family and friends knew that Monday nights are for the two of us. I feel like it’s ours.

We were not able to maintain it after we left Singapore in July because our routine changed and we had no pattern for three months. We were on vacation mode in July and August and were with family. I think we were able to squeeze in some Mondates; but most of the time, we wanted to maximise our time with our family and friends so we sacrificed our alone time — we thought we’ll just pick up back the habit once we moved here in Sydney and establish a routine again. And to be honest, I lost track of the days — who remembers which day it is when on a long vacation?

But we’ve been here for two months now, and we’ve never had a single Mondate! We have reasons/excuses. It was the first time Kevin and I rented a place on our own, so it felt like we were on a date every day. In addition, we didn’t have a routine yet, so everything was new, everything was exciting — there was no need for Mondays to “have something to look forward to”. Eating out is also expensive here and we were trying to skimp since we didn’t have income for two months (and counting for me at that time). And on top of those, restaurants and cafes close early on Mondays here in Straya! Even if we wanted to go on a date, we didn’t have too many choices (or maybe we didn’t have any choice at all)!

But Mondate was our little tradition, and I miss it.

I hope to create a new date tradition here. And I don’t want it to be on any other day. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are not that dependable — they can be busy. Thursdays and Fridays defeat the purpose of starting the week right; plus, it’s already nearing the weekend — we’d probably be more excited about it than our date night. Only Mondays are perfect hehehe.

Coffee on the balcony on Mondays doesn’t sound bad. Orrrr leaving the office at 430pm and going on a date before the restos and cafes close! PERFECT!

Wala pa palang picture ‘to, so let me share a picture of Kevin and I na walang kinalaman sa blog post na ito, as usual HAHAHA.

Mahogany Forest, Bohol | July 2018

Gilmore Girls

I’m feeling emotional.

I’m watching S7E22 Bon Voyage of Gilmore Girls — the last episode! I’ve been watching the show since the past few weeks and now that it’s done, I’m feeling very emotional! HAHAHAHA.

The intro song is currently playing in the background. Well, actually, hindi na pala because I paused it so I can post this.

WAAAHHHHH. Last. Episode.

Although meron pa naman palang Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but that was shot a decade after this last episode.

Anyway, I’ll unpause this na, and watch!


Why Do I Blog?

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog. It’s not that I forgot to; I just don’t know what to write. I’ve been feeling confused.

What can/should I share?

What should the tone of this blog be?

Who is my audience?

Why do I blog?

I honestly created a blog as a substitute for (Bullet) journaling. I type faster than I write. So I thought that by creating a blog, I can document my life/thoughts more often and much faster than traditional writing.

But the interweb is a scary place. I couldn’t be as open and as vulnerable as when I write to my journal. So wag nalang ako magblog noh? HAHAHA. But I like the efficiency and the reach of having my own blog. Imagine pag mamatay na ako and pag mawala yung journal ko, wala nang makakabasa non. Kawawa naman mga future anak at apo ko (HAHAHA feeling ko din talaga eh noh? Feeling ko naman magugustuhan nila alamin ang buhay ko hahaha. Pero malay mo diba?). Whereas having a blog means easier access to my life and thoughts (forever naman na ‘tong blog ko noh, even after a hundred years? SANA! I wish WordPress more power to last more than hundred years more!).

Also, maybe in the future, a complete stranger might stumble upon my blog, and get something from it? I hope. Ako kasi, I like reading personal blogs of others. Chismosa kasi talaga ako. And I learn a lot from others’ life lessons and perspective. So baka mapunta sa ganon din ang blog na ‘to. 🙂

So this post is a reminder that I blog for my future self. For my future children and grandchildren, for family and friends who would want to get a glimpse of my life. It is a reminder that I should not be afraid to blog. This is my space. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a part of my life and thoughts.

Wala pa palang picture ‘tong entry ko, so let me share a picture of me in a tropical blouse against a random wall in Cebu last July.

Temple Tower, Cebu, July 2018