Today I Learned: Series

New Castle, NSW | Nov 2018

There is a saying that we learn something new every day.

But I’m not sure I do.

So as an effort to be mindful to make sure I learn something new every day, I will start documenting the things I learn (or realise) daily.

This is also an attempt to increase my blog posts. The goal is to write anything new I learn — it can be as short as a sentence; but I can also opt to explain it. Basta kahit ano lang, as long as I write it.

Another thing I see beneficial in this is that this may improve my memory. I find that when I write something down and try to explain it in my own words, I have a higher chance of remembering it.

So for today, I learned: nothing. HAHAHA.

Medyo fail and first TIL entry ko, hahahaha. Pero I want to be honest. Wala talaga akong natutunan today. :))) Actually meron naman, but it’s work-related so better not to write it. I might be violating a confidentiality agreement pa. So from tomorrow on, I’ll try to be more mindful to actively learn something new (non-work-related) every day para may ma-post ako.

How about you, what did you learn today?