Perfect Christmas

Last week, on the way to grocer, Jose Mari Chan’s A Perfect Christmas played inside the car. I’ve heard the song countless times before but it was the first time I got emotional. Siguro kasi nasa loob ka ng sasakyan, you have no choice but to really listen to the song. I was singing along to it and only understood the lyrics then.

It got me thinking about my idea of a perfect Christmas.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. The moment I get back to the office in January, I already start daydreaming about Christmas again. Promise. Sobrang favourite ko talaga siya. It’s not just December 25 itself, it’s the weeks and days leading to it.

Btw, as you will realise within the next few lines of this blog, I’m not talking about the religious or Biblical sense of Christmas ha. I’m talking about the Holiday Season lang. Hehehe.

The feeling is really different during Christmas season kasi diba? Especially in the Philippines. Lumalamig ang simoy ng hangin, Christmas lights and decors are OA (just the way I like it), Christmas parties are grand, reunion dito, reunion don, Simbang Gabi, and most of all, may 13th month pay. HAHAHA.

I love the traditions my family have during Christmas. I have my own family na (in the form of my beautiful husband, Kevin), but I still want to spend the Holiday season with my parents. HAHAHA. Feeling ko ang independent ko na, living in a city far away from where I started, but when it’s December na, I want to crawl back to my parents’ home. I feel like I cannot create better traditions that what we already have.

Around two or three weeks before Christmas, Mami would already buy candies for children and groceries for some of the families we know. We are not a well-off family, kaya when we were young, we don’t “stock” on groceries. Pag naggrocery kami, maluwag pa yung basket na hawak namin. We only buy necessities talaga in the grocery. Sa sari-sari store lang kami namimili ng iba pa naming kailangan. That’s why when we do the groceries during Christmas, it’s the only time of the year that we use the push cart, and napupuno pa! That in itself, naffeel ko na yung Pasko. Plus the grocer would be pack with people and the queue to the check-out will be super long. Sobrang feel na feel ko yung Pasko talaga ‘non.

I don’t know how it is in other places, but in Tacloban, on the morning of Christmas, streets will be packed with kids na namamasko. They go house to house asking for candies. That’s what the candies that we buy in the grocer is for. We will buy around five varieties of candies for 250 children. Days before Christmas, Gail and I will arrange the candies, and start packing the 5 variants of candies together. It will usually take us the whole morning, and the whole floor of our living room. We usually do this while also watching a Christmas movie!

So on the morning of Christmas, we usually hear the Mass at 5 AM. By the time we arrive home, kids will be in front of our gate, waiting already. While we’re busy giving candies to the kids, visitors start coming as early as 7 AM as well! They are usually Mami’s cousins. We serve them food and exchange Merry Christmases with each other (and if I’m being honest, this is the time their unwelcome comment about my weight, life, lack of child/ren, etc. also happens HAHAHA). When lunch time comes, my mother side of the family arrives (Mami’s brothers and sisters and their families), to spend the rest of the day with us.

Just writing this made me feel nostalgic and happy. But at the same time, I feel like it doesn’t give justice to the traditions we do during Christmas season HAHAHA. Preview nalang ‘to, kumbaga.

Anyway, back to what my idea of a perfect Christmas: it’s being able to do all these traditions again with the complete family (Gail is in UK now, and Kuya and his family don’t always go home for Christmas). It also means my cousins are back home to spend the Christmas day with the whole family.

Some day.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

First Blood


I am not sure how blogging works. I just wanted a space where I could write what’s in my mind. Usually I write it in my BuJo, but my mind is faster than my writing, kaya I thought of creating this space — hoping na kasing bilis ng pagttype ko yung utak ko. Haha. This space is more for me than for anyone else (for now). I do not plan on giving the public (naks!) the link of this blog. It’s my own little secret (again, for now — baka sumikat akong blogger in the future HAHA).

Anyway, I have been thinking about creating a blog for the longest time. Masaya isulat yung mga nasa isip,  kasi when you read it after some time, nakakatawa. Or at least ako natatawa sa sarili kong sinusulat. But what made me create for real now is reading the book The Diary of Anne Frank (Google mo nalang kung about san yung book — nagmamadali ako ngayon, kailangan ko pang tapusin pagpack HAHA). You get to see a sneak peak of what she went through, and how she is as a person because of her thoughts. I want this space to have the same effect. I want the future me to be reminded of what and how my current self thinks/feels.

Also, I have a lot of conversations in my mind. I talk to myself a lot. And minsan, maingay na sila, paulit-ulit. I need to put them somewhere para matahimik brain ko. That would be one of the purposes of this blog.

Hopefully I get better at this habang tumatagal.

Laters! 😀